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Successful CSW Campaign
1996 - 2009

In the mid-1980’s, FOER learned from U.S. Forest Service research biologists of the exceptionally high-quality of North Fork Elk River fisheries. We realized the entire headwaters area needed Wilderness protection.

Things really got moving in 1996, after Congress’s Salvage Rider resulted in the logging of healthy old-growth trees in the Elk watershed. With the forest vulnerable to fickle political winds, Friends of Elk River put together a map proposing areas for wilderness protection and commissioned a research study and ecology report.

What would the Copper Salmon Wilderness Act protect?

The goal of Friends of Elk River's Copper Salmon Wilderness campaign is to achieve a permanent Congressional ban against further incursions into this pristine ancient forest.

view the "Copper Salmon Wilderness Ecology Report"
Copper Mountain Roadless Area
©Jerry Becker, Ecoforestry Mgmt Associates

40% of the federal land in Elk River would be protected as wilderness, including 12,000 acres of the Elk River headwaters and the North Fork of the Elk, possibly the most productive U.S. salmon fishery outside of Alaska.

Why is this protection needed?

Some of the Elk River watershed is already protected — including Federal Wild & Scenic River status and Tier 1 in President Clinton’s Northwest Forest Plan. But, this protection is inadequate to prevent Congressional override.

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Want to help?
  • Buoyed by local support, a bill should be brought before Congress soon. Sign up for us to contact you when support calls and letters are needed.
  • Visit our remarkable watershed from your home: Our award-winning 11-minute video "A Call for Wilderness" helped convince Oregon's Governor to support CSW. Contact Green Fire Productions or send $10 to Green Fire Productions, PO Box 14906, Portland, OR 97293.
"I would like to see all of the organizations stand up and say 'Let's do it'."

Lloyd Olds
Curry County Commissioner

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