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Common Myths Of Contraceptives

Birth control, also known as contraception, refers to prevention of unwanted pregnancy. It is an integral part of family planning for married couples and a proactive safety measure for unmarried women. Contraception usually becomes an important consideration for a woman following her involvement in an unprotected sexual intercourse because of a contraceptive failure, as in the case of a torn condom, or other reasons.

The existing birth control methods vary from hormonal contraception to the use of physical barriers such as condom or intrauterine device (IUD). Among these methods, hormonal birth control tablets have earned the trust of millions of women worldwide for their safety and reliability.

If you want to stay on Contraceptives then you don’t need to get worry at all. But, as many myths related to the term ‘birth control’ still exist, women get confused about family planning. So, one should have enough knowledge to overcome misleading Common Myths On Contraceptives.


Long Term Usage Of Contraceptives May Affect The Fertility.

The truth is, there is not a single relation between usage of Contraceptives and fertility. Also, regular and long-termgthjnjnt usage of Contraceptives can help preventing cancers.


The Contraceptives Are Not Safe And It Causes Birth Defects.

As Contraceptives provides safety against unwanted pregnancy, it gives health benefits also. It is safe to say that there is no side effect of Contraceptives. So far it has not been linked to any type of birth defects. Thus any woman can rely on Contraceptives and can have safe life with extra health benefits.


The Contraceptives Makes You Gain Weight.

This is the most common myth of all birth control myth that still exists. Many women felt that they have gained weight due to use of Contraceptives. But it may be the time of their life when it happens to gain weight and then all the blame goes to Contraceptives. So it’s just their psychology which makes them to believe this myth.


The Contraceptives Can Only Be Used As Contraception.

hgbnjntjTo prevent unwanted pregnancy is not the only use of the Contraceptives. Apart from that it gives health benefits such as regular period cycle, less ovulation pain and can control timing of period while reducing menstrual cramps.

Additionally, Contraceptives can provide protection against ectopic pregnancy, acne, non-cancerous breast growths, ovarian cysts and cancer, pelvic inflammatory disease, osteoporosis, etc.


The Contraceptives Can Cause Cancer.

There is one more myth that Contraceptives CAN cause cancer. Actually the fact is totally reverse. Women who use the Contraceptives have 1/3 less chances to get ovarian or uterine cancer than those who don’t. Additionally it is proven that protection from ovarian cancer increases with regular usage of Contraceptives. Contraceptives controls the hormone and prevent the disease which occur due to hormonal disorder.