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Best Ab Workout Exercises for a Quick 6-Pack Formation

Ab workouts are perceived to be the most challenging exercises compared to exercises targeting other muscles of the body. Ab workouts offer an immense challenge to even the most ripped individuals you might know of, ask them, and you’ll confirm this. To get the best abs, you need to do exercises that target mainly your core. The core is the region around the stomach, which usually includes the rectus abdominis or the “6-pack”, the transverse abdominis (TVA), the obliques, and the lower back.

The good thing about ab exercises is that they are many and one can select whichever that is suitable for them. What you need to understand iscombined leg lifts that other ab exercises are better than others. These exercises are what we are going to focus on so that the next time you hit the gym, your abs will be calling for help.

Suspended Leg Raises

This is a type of exercise that is more of a compound but with a lot of influence to the region around the core. Although all exercises look simple when another person is doing, this one looks simpler but believe me, your veins will inevitably pop out, but I promise you the best ab results with this exercise. To do this exercise, you need a pull-up rail with protruding dips-arms where you can rest the whole of your lower arm, or hang on the top bar of the pull-up rail and lift your legs up to a right angle in repetitions of about 10. A set of about 3 or 4 is usually convenient for beginners.

The Different Types of Plank Exercises

Plank exercises typically bare a lot of influence on the stomach muscles, and so are a huge catalyst for getting the best ab muscles. There are one leg professional planksmore than 10 different plank exercises you can include in your ab exercises. Some of the common ones are elbow planks, planks with alternating side legs, planks with arm up, one-toe plank, plank hip dips among others.

Leg Lift Toe Touches and Iron Butterflies

These are two different ab exercises that are related. With leg-lift toe-touch, you lie flat on the ground, lift both your legs up then lift your upper body up and try to touch your toes. With iron butterflies, you lie flat on the ground with the arms aligning with the body then you lift your upper body up as your spread your arms as you repeat so that you appear to look like a flying butterfly. Both these exercises are very convenient because they only strain the core and doesn’t have any effect on your back.